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Osteopathic treatment benefits babies too

Being born is not a job for the faint of heart. Infants are squeezed and turned, twisted and pulled on their journey from the nice, warm womb to the outside world. And while their tiny bodies are very flexible, all that compression and torque can take a toll.

Eat Your Way Out of Acid Reflux

Hippocrates said, “All diseases begin in the gut.” He wasn’t far off. A healthy digestive system is crucial for good health. It enables you to pull vital nutrients out of the food you eat and excrete what you don’t need as waste. Researchers are also finding that healthy gut bacteria is a pillar of the body’s immune system, killing and flushing dangerous microorganisms before they can make you sick.

This is not the time to pop a pill

As Americans, we seem to feel it’s our God-given duty to take a pill to relieve any discomfort. And there are times when medication is necessary. But if you suffer regularly from heartburn, or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), ongoing treatment with medication is not without risks.

Pneumonia’s been in the news—but what is it, exactly?

With the lungs compromised by infection, oxygen may have trouble reaching your blood. If there is too little oxygen in your blood, your body cells can’t work properly. Because of this and the risk of the infection spreading through the body, pneumonia can cause death.

Know Your Enemy with TickID

Tick season is in full bloom and if you spend any time in the yard or walking in the woods, you’re likely to be a tick target. With different kinds of ticks spreading different diseases, knowing what kind of tick latched on to you can help put your mind at ease or give your doctor a head start on diagnosing any tick-borne illness before

Milk is the Perfect Food. If You’re a Calf

We will assume that doesn’t apply to most of you. Yet most of us grew up being urged to eat dairy products. We were told that milk builds strong teeth and bones in children, and helps adults preserve bone density. Turns out, maybe not so much.

Keep the Flu at Bay

Dodged the flu so far? Use these strategies to stay flu-free:
– Keep your hands away from your face
– Wash your hands when you come in from shopping or work

Shovel Safe!

While shoveling snow can be good exercise, it can also be dangerous for optimistic shovelers who take on more than they can handle. The National Safety Council offers the following tips to help you get a handle on safe shoveling

I’ve Got the Flu! Should I Call My Doctor?

While antiviral medications like Tamiflu may help shorten the duration and severity of the flu if you start taking them as soon as you show symptoms, most of the time there’s nothing to do but treat the symptoms and wait for the flu to run its course.

Baby, It’s Cold Out There!

This winter’s record cold temperatures make frostbite a serious risk for anyone spending time outside. Stay safe by dressing in layers, keeping ears and hands covered up, and limiting the time you spend outdoors – especially if the wind is blowing.

July 2, 2015

Combat Ticks Carrying Deadly New Virus with Natural Oil Spray

The Powassan virus, a newly discovered tick-borne disease with no known cure, has shown up in several patients in Connecticut. People who live in tick-infested areas, like the East End of Long Island, are urged to take precautions to avoid tick bites.