What we do

Osteopathic manipulative treatment can benefit patients of all ages and in all physical conditions. Used in conjunction with, or in place of, medicine and surgery, it can promote healing, enhance mobility and ease pain. Among the types of cases we treat:

Sports injuries
Athletes and weekend warriors — boost recovery time and enhance your ability to play at peak performance. We can also help alleviate acute injury and truma.

Weight loss and nutritional counseling
Education and support to help you understand your body's nutritional needs and reach your optimal weight.

Acid reflux
Relief from the heartburn, bloating and other common symptoms, as well as counseling and treatment to prevent recurrence.

​Pediatric needs
During the birth process, infants experience tremendous pressure on the head and spine, leading to crying, sleep disorders, colic and even developmental delays.

Work-related issues
Care for workman's compensation injuries and no-fault insurance claims. Certified by Suffolk County to perform civil service physical exams.

Stress incontinence
Effective, non-surgical relief from the embarrassment and inconvenience of stress incontinence.

What to expect at your appointment

Our commitment is to provide you with the best possible medical care. For your first appointment, please allow 45 minutes to one hour. This allows time for a complete medical history and evaluation of your current state of health.

The doctor will then work to restore normal function by applying gentle, precise force in affected areas to enhance blood circulation, eliminate dysfunction in muscles and joints, and release compression in bones and joints.